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Πληροφορίες Χάρτης Πίσω στον κατάλογο


Περιγραφή Επιχείρησης
Mitravelas Estate is the oldest winery at Nemea since it dates back more than a century. Family owned vineyards at Aghios Georgios village (nowdays Nemea), were found to be of Mitravelas'​ ownership since the 10th of October 1828, when Kapodistrias’ government recorded the National Land. Later on the winery was established by Mitravelas brothers in 1913, while in 2003 the younger Konstantinos Mitravelas takes over. He continuous his family’s tradition, adding his own experience in viticulture and investing in state of the art equipment in addition to modern techniques. At the same period he introduces in the market the innovative back then “Red on Black”, which was the 1st unoaked Nemea that was ever produced. In the meantime “Mitravelas Estate” red was also launched after oak maturing over 8 months, and also the white “Lefkes” vinificated from Moschofilero grapes grown in the PDO Mantinia region. “Mitravelas Rose” is also from 100% Aghiorghitiko and ferments for almost 27 days. An ultra premium wine called “Old Vines” was produced from 2 old vineyards (vines over 55 yo) and became the milestone of the winery fulfilling the entire collection. Mitravelas Estate specializes in Nemea (#PureNemea), therefore focuses on cultivating and vinifying the variety of Aghiorghitiko, aiming to show all its possible expressions. The entire vineyards are located around the Nemea area, mainly on the slopes of hills from a privately owned area of ​80 hectares. but also from long-term contracts to co-operating winegrowers in which area yields are minimized in order to maximize quality. Wines have been distinguished in recognized tastings and international competitions, while the winery also has export activity in the United States, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany and more whilst is constantly expanding The facilities of the winery are not officially open to public, yet an investment project for the redevelopment and construction of a state-of-the-art winery is in the immediate agenda of the estate with a forthcoming state financing programme. The brand new family owned winery will probably be the only visiting winery within the city of Nemea.

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